Shiva Marijuana

Shiva Marijuana

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Shiva Marijuana

Shiva Marijuana gets it's name from Shiva, the Hindu god of transformation. This strain is mainly indica, which means it will stay small and be very bushy. Pest resistant. It grows better in warmer climates but has been know to work outdoor in Europe as well. The buds are large and covered in THC glands. This strain has a distinctive smell and taste, must be tried. Exotic flavor and heavy stone. Very easy to grow.

10 seeds = 25.00

Shiva Marijuana Planting Information:

Type : Indica - Sativa mix
Climate : indoor
Yield : 500 gr/m2
Height : 50 - 80 cm
Flowering period : 9 weeks
Harvest : end of September
THC level : 15 - 20%
Grow Difficulty : Easy

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