White Queen Marijuana

White Queen Marijuana

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White Queen Marijuana

Introducing Her Royal Highness The White Queen...The Empress among the white marijuana genetics.

White Queen is one of the most powerful marijuana strains in the world. A very subtle aroma bred for years to this point. Big shiny crystals with a potential THC rate of over 20%. This is a very disease resistant plant, the taste is sweet and a little bit hash like.

Her rich royal fragrance of most delicate perfume. We are caught by the intense powerful almost hypnotic fragrance. Fascinating THC-resin crystals like spectacular shiny crazy diamonds. An absolute must for the connoisseur. Its associated with fragrances and their psychological benefits and/or effects. Its also popular as a stress reliever. Price starts at 75.00USD for a pack of ten seeds.

White Queen Marijuana Planting Information:

Type : indica - sativa
Climate : indoor - outdoor
Yield : 500 m2 indoor
Height : 35 - 65 cm
Flowering period : 8 - 9 weeks
Harvest : September
THC level : 20% - 25%
Grow Difficulty : moderate

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